Facility Policies

Clear Bag Policy

Arkansas State University has implemented a clear bag policy for all events at First National Bank Arena. Items that are not permitted cannot be stored by First National Bank Arena staff. The following items are prohibited. All guests must follow the clear bag policy outlined below. Prohibited bags and items cannot be placed in a clear bag in order to gain entry.

The following items are prohibited at First National Bank Arena events, ASTATE Athletics may allow certain modifications to this list. Additional items may be prohibited due to nature of the events and/or at performers directive. 

  • Artificial noisemakers
  • Backpacks (including clear)
  • Briefcases
  • Computer bags
  • Camera case
  • Coolers
  • Signs
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Fanny packs
  • Luggage
  • Cinch bags
  • Diaper bags
  • Laser pointers
  • Outside food and drink
  • Purses
  • Pets (except certified ADA services animals)
  • Recording devices (audio & visual)
  • Strollers 
  • Weapons
  • Any bag larger than the permissible size

Rules for Usage of Facilities & Equipment

  1. In the event that you are not able to operate within the contracted times and dates, additional fees will be assessed.
  2. Please refrain from attaching any items to interior or exterior walls, the ceiling, fire sprinkler heads, windows, blinds or doors.
  3. Please refrain from painting on anything within the meeting rooms or arena.
  4. Outside food and drinks are strictly prohibited unless approved by facility.
  5. Outside alcoholic beverages of any type are strictly prohibited.
  6. All decorations must be free standing.
  7. All decorations, renter supplied equipment, displays, and personal property must be removed immediately after the conclusion of the event. Failure to stay within the contracted rental times will lead to additional charges.
  8. All guests to ticketed events are subject to scanning and bag checks.

Property Restrictions

  1. Doors and all access to and from the facility shall be kept free of obstruction at all times, including aisles, passages, doors, corridors, vestibules, trails, elevators and stairways.
  2. The renter may not make any alterations to any facility property and will not allow anything to be done that may interfere with the effectiveness or accessibility of any utility connections or services in or about the facilities, including electrical, water, sewage disposal, telecommunications, heating, ventilation or air-conditioning and any other related systems.
  3. Any activity that would limit access to any sidewalk, passageway, doorway or other public use area is prohibited.
  4. The use of any hazardous chemicals or materials is prohibited.
  5. All animals are strictly prohibited unless it is a certified ADA service animal. 

Special Needs Guests

First National Bank Arena provides ramp access between the Red and Yellow Entrances, and designated parking is located all around the building to provide access to all meeting rooms and The Department of Athletics. Special needs seating is available for events at First National Bank Arena. Special needs stalls and changing tables are available in all restrooms. Elevator access is available in the Green Entrance.

Smoke-Free/Tobacco-Free Campus

Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited on the campuses of state-supported institutions of higher education in accordance with Arkansas law, A.C.A.6-60-801, et. seq., known as the Clean Air on Campus Act. Smoking is defined as inhaling,exhaling, burning, or carrying any of the following: lighted tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, and pipes; and other lighted combustible plant material. Arkansas State University-Jonesboro also bans tobacco use, including smokeless tobacco and all vaping devices including electronic cigarettes. This prohibition covers all buildings and property of Arkansas State University.